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Show Stuff. Quickly ! Real-time, interactive email attachments!

Make your email attachments "come alive" between you and the email's recipient, with real-time interactions such as pointing and page-turning.

Simple for everyone to start... simple for everyone to use... Kanvas is an engaging file & document collaboration tool.  We feel confident you'll find a use for it daily.

Kanvas is not "desktop sharing"; Kanvas is not recorded screen sessions; Kanvas is a great way to quickly and clearly get your point across.

We've got people using Kanvas!  "Alpha" has been released, with our "Beta" release for everyone coming soon!

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Easily interact with email attachments with your recipients, in real-time. Point at locations on the document or image; zoom; scroll; page-turn. Just as if you are sitting side-by-side!

interactive email attachments
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